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— Punya temen2 banyak yang nikah dluan, ada juga temen yang ngebet nikah belum ada jodohnya ..

20 July 2014    

I am sure, that you are OK there, because you are strong. But when you feel not OK one day, then maybe you can read this message. Hope it works. Sorry if my message is difficult to understand.

God knows what’s the best for us. So why should we complains? We always want the sunshine, but God knows there must be rain We always want laughter, But our heart will loose its tenderness, if we never shed a tear. God tests us often, with suffering and with sorrow God tests us not to punish us, but to help us meet tomorrow for growing trees are strengthend, if they can withstand the storm And the sharpness of the chisel gave marble its grace and farm God tests us often, and for every pain God gives us (provided we are patient), is followed by rich grain So whenever we feel that everything is going wrong It’s God’s ways to make our spirits strong Remember on no soul do we place a burden greater that it can bear. Never forget the world is a temporary place of test.

Don’t be doubt and angry if you feel pain now Others have been aching for years If your relative dies, other have lost many! If you have sinned…then repent. If you have commited a mistake, correct it The doors of repentance are ever open The fountain of forgiveness is ever rich Let all bygones be bygoness What is predestined for you, you shall see it Prayer is your beacon. See how vast is the earth How nice are the gardens and forests How bright are the stars You have sweet water to drink, fresh air to breathe You sleep safely in your bed. Don’t be doubt and angry, Every cloud has a silver lining. After long nights, come the bright sun Life will soon give you a smile. So be ready to get it! Look at those who are inferior to you. And do not look at those who are superior to you.

So, there are many who have less than us, and who are going through the pains more than us. Let us all sit and reflect. And praise and give thanks to God for all the blessings we have, all the good that has been given to us. And let us also remember those who do not have much in our prayers. Each soul has its Given Date, when it must leave it’s body’s core , and meet with its Eternal Fate. Who knows? Tomorrow could be your day?

Remember, we will hold time for our last breath. An the time will come…The time that they lay us, they cry. But they are not knowing, we cry worse. And then they go come from our funerals, and then we face the God. So love your friends, love your enemy, love your family, and of course love God.

Some people says God, some people says Allah, some people says Jehovah. But the meaning is same. There is only one God. But God takes over the worlds.

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